MARCONI offers your radio station interactive and personalised radio solutions that integrate broadcast radio with digital and social media.


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targeted content & enhanced listener engagement

Detect and create new and personal listener experiences, across different platforms and devices, to increase and please your audience.

customised & easily integrated

MARCONI offers customised software tools. By combining them in different interfaces, you are able to integrate a solution that perfectly meets your needs and expectations.


smart interaction management

Provide your radio presenters and editorial team with an integrated view on listener interactions and support them by smart interaction automation services.

privacy-proof analytics

MARCONI’s storage service ‘PriVaults’ focuses on Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design. It has an single sign-on authentication service and offers tools for users to request their deletion and or see which data of them is stored.

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different interaction components,
easily integrated in the right interface for your radio station

MARCONI offers customised software tools. From adding a chatbot that addresses your listeners’ expectations, to enabling the search and analysis of listener generated content, MARCONI covers a wide range of service components that can be assembled and integrated into one interface that fits your radio station’s needs and requirements.

Types of interfaces that MARCONI already offers:

  • Conversational interface: Communicate in real-time with your audience

  • Search interface: Easily search for user-generated content

  • Automations interface: Automatise repetitive tasks

  • Curations interface: Leverage user-generated content to build new stories

  • Polls interface: Boost interaction with your audience

    Interfaces that are already in place with existing radio stations:

Radio station Studio Brussel from the Flemish public broadcaster

Radio station Radio 5 from the Dutch public broadcaster

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become a pilot partner

  1. Request a demo and find out about the solution(s) that MARCONI can offer to your radio station.

  2. Receive a proposal from project partner Pluxbox based on different MARCONI components, easily integrated in your existing workflow.

  3. Implementation! Together with us, of course.