WP1: General Concepts & Requirements

WP1 will work on the general MARCONI concept, break it down into requirements and work on a detailed system architecture. Further, a baseline measurement and content collection will occur, as well as an initial legal assessment of the general concept. The output of WP1 will feed into the technical work carried out in WP2 and WP3. 

WP2: Intelligent Services

WP2 will work on the audiovisual analysis services required to automate user interactions. These services will feed into WP3 for integration with the intelligent agent manager. 

WP3 will create the core MARCONI platform and services driven by the general architecture and requirements defined in WP1 and integrating the intelligent services of WP2 into the agent services. The integrated platform will feed into WP4 for validation through pilot activities. 

WP3: Core platform & Integration

The core MARCONI platform created in WP3 (which integrates WP2 intelligent services) will feed into the piloting activities at several stages in the project. Validations from the different piloting activities will feed back into WP2 and WP3 driving further technical development, and also in WP1 allowing to update the vision on the general MARCONI concept. 

WP4: Prototyping & Validation

WP5: Communication & Exploitation

WP5 will gather all technical work and knowledge generated with WP1 to WP4 and carry out appropriate dissemination and communication activities. Further, WP5 intends to work on an improved business plan to make the MARCONI platform fit to the market. 

WP6 is dealing with general project management, it will oversee all activities through the different work packages and ensure its outputs are produced on time and with high quality. 

WP6: Project Management