MARCONI offers radio stations a single service-driven platform containing different software components to increase and automatise listener interaction.

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MARCONI stories:

Reducing the workload and increasing listener interaction with radio station Studio Brussel
during its week-long charity event ‘Music for Life’
Read more about it here.

The chatbot is a huge help for the Conversation Team, it made our workload easier to handle.
- Jasmien Kuipers, Conversation Manager Studio Brussel


Enabling a personal service for NPO Radio 5 listeners,
while allowing more time for radio editors to get creative.
Read more about it here.

As a user, you can create a profile
so the chatbot learns your preferences and you can receive notifications,
for example when your favorite artist performs in one of the programs.
- Wineke Remmerswaal, Product Professional NPO


Manage and increase interaction with your listeners in a smart way

 Available components (Read the factsheet here):

  • chatbot configuration interface

  • multi-channel integration

  • natural language processing

  • semantic services

  • topic detection, and more

Generate targeted content

Be a part of your listener’s inner circle by providing them the latest ins and outs of their favorite artist.

Get to know your listeners with valuable analytics and - privacy proof

Pluxbox introduces PriVaults, a storage service that focuses on Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design. It has a single sign-on authentication service and offers tools that allow users to easily see which data is stored and request for information to be deleted. 

Read the factsheet here.

Discover new business models

Seize new opportunities to connect with listeners. Detect and create new listener experiences, across different platforms and devices.