Pilot at NPO: a chatbot for NPO Radio 5

As part of MARCONI, public broadcaster NPO and service provider Faktion developed a chatbot for the radio station NPO Radio 5. Listeners are able to ask questions about the different radio shows (time and day, what is it about, who is the presenter), the DJ’s, songs, competitions as well as more general frequently asked questions such as “How can I listen to the station abroad?” or “How can I listen to a programme that’s already been broadcasted?”. Via a smart connection with the editorial radio system, questions about programmes, songs and DJ’s could automatically be answered, as all the information is already available.

A personal service for listeners and more time for radio editors to be creative

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The main goal of using a chatbot is to engage listeners in a programme with a service that takes their profile and personal interests into account. As such, listeners are able to vote on a poll, create their own account and specify their interests so that their content could be used in the show. A second goal of the chatbot is to reduce the editor’s work by enabling questions to be answered automatically and offering a new channel to build stories for radio shows.

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Vote on a poll

Privacy-proof and developer-friendly

By using PriVaults, the storage service that focuses on Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design which was specifically developed within the MARCONI project, the chatbot handles privacy issues in a smart way. It has a single sign-on authentication service and offers tools for users to request their deletion and or see what data of them is stored. PriVaults tries to be GDPR-compliant in every way while also keeping development easy.

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Create an account and agree with privacy consents

Next steps

The chatbot will eventually be integrated into the NPO Studiomessenger system and the studio dashboard, where all DJ’s and producers manage the different tools on a single screen, with a separate sign-in for their particular station.

Interested in learning more about the chatbot or editorial dashboards? Contact us via contact@projectmarconi.eu!