Consortium meeting in Graz: new use cases!


On the 9th and 10th of January, the Joanneum Research hosted a meeting with the MARCONI consortium in Graz in order to review the work done so far and plan the upcoming actions. High on the agenda were discussions on use cases and requirements.


Already three different workshops with radio stations have been carried out, which have provided the consortium with an in-depth understanding of the workflows and challenges for radio-makers. Two additional workshops with listeners are taking place this month. During the meeting in Graz, the team discussed in detail the 16 concepts that they identified so far, while prioritising and grouping the different use-cases. This input was brought into a follow-up discussion that dealt with the MARCONI architecture.

Graz 3.jpg


The second day of the meeting started off with a review of the prototyping activities done so far (e.g. a “Notify me” trial that involved over 2300 users). Afterwards, further prototyping and piloting activities planned for the next period were discussed in detail. The communication and exploitation plan was reviewed and a storyboard for the first MARCONI video has already been created. Stay tuned for more updates!