MARCONI at Radiodays Europe


Radiodays Europe is the meeting point for the world of radio and audio, taking place from the 17th till the 19th of March in Vienna. It was organised for the first time in 2010, as a response to the needs of the European industry, public and private, to come together and discuss the new media challenges, across borders.

Ever since, the event has grown into the most important annual conference for radio professionals, with nearly 1500 participants from 62 countries. It is the meeting point for the European radio industry, both private and public, and a destination for radio people from around the world.

During a workshop organised by AER (European Association of Commercial Radios), in collaboration with the MediaRoad project, Mike Matton gave a presentation, with Pluxbox as the meeting point for more information. The audience mainly consisted of AER members, but was open to any interested Radiodays Europe visitor. The presentation summarized the main objectives of MARCONI and explained the concept of the open calls. It included a call to action to subscribe on the MARCONI website. This resulted in several interesting discussions during and after the event.

The presentation is also shared on the website of the MediaRoad project.