Interactive and personalised radio experiences with HRADIO and MARCONI at IBC


From the 13th till the 17th of September, MARCONI and HRADIO had a joint stand in the Future Zone of IBC. For MARCONI, we showcased our customised software tools to increase and automatise listener interaction. HRADIO then enabled hybrid listening experiences, seamlessly combining linear broadcasts with on-demand content. Together, the projects let IBC visitors experience interactive and personalised radio, at home, on the road, or at the festival, in a stand that was uniquely designed for the experience. We were able to welcome many visitors and radio stations that are interested in joining our open pilots.


MARCONI: Bring your radio station and listeners closer together

MARCONI offers fully interactive and personalised radio solutions by integrating broadcast radio with digital and social media. With the development of customised software tools, MARCONI enables radio stations to easily manage listener interaction automation, for incoming text, audio,image or video content.

The MARCONI dashboard

In a live demo at the Future Zone stand, MARCONI showcased the driving technologies behind the project: different software tools integrated in a dashboard that help radio stations stay at the centre of their audience, using AI-powered chatbots and content analysis. Visitors were able to take the place of a radio presenter and experience how a radio station can manage and increase listener engagement with the interaction tools from MARCONI. They were able to start jingles and engage with listener content by replying to listener messages, dragging and dropping them into the radio show program, and showing their footage as part of a lively environment on a screen on the other side of the stand. Moreover, they could search through listener-generated content, sent in via the HRADIO app, in order to build a radio show by and for listeners. With a festival-like experience at the stand, MARCONI showcased how it can create interactive and personalised radio experiences that immerse listeners in their broadcasts, from wherever they are listening.

As part of the conference, Rik Bauwens from VRT also presented the paper ‘Marconi: Towards an integrated, intelligent radio production platform’, co-written by Sandy Claes, as part of the tech talk on new tools that support radio stations in creating interactive and personalised listener experiences. You are able to watch the presentation and interview afterwards on the follow links:

IBC Conference - Rik.JPG

In addition, Floris Daelemans also presented both projects during a pitch talk on the Future Zone stage.

IBC Future Zone Floris.JPG

For the open piloting phase, radio stations are able to integrate MARCONI's service tools and explore a radio solution that best fits their needs and expectations. Become a pilot partner at IBC or contact the project on 


HRADIO: Experience live radio, enriched with streaming features

HRADIO leverages hybrid technology to enrich radio experiences, allowing broadcasters to deliver time and location independent linear radio services.

At IBC, HRADIO showcased the potential of its technologies by offering hybrid radio use cases for car and mobile applications. By combining IP and broadcast signals, new radio experiences can be created in which listeners can interact with their radio station, receive news and weather updates that are relevant to them, and easily pause, continue or substitute broadcast radio with on-demand content, whenever they prefer.


The HRADIO app

In the HRADIO app, all program items, such as songs and news, are displayed within a chat view. With the app, you are able to timeshift your radio experience, substitute songs with those from your local music library, and interact with your radio station.


The HRADIO webview

The HRADIO webview offers more information and basic interaction possibilities on a large screen, such as voting for polls, creating a more visual experience than radio currently offers.


The HRADIO car app

The HRADIO car app demonstrates hybrid radio features such as timeshifting, music substitution and station recommendations in different environments.

HRADIO offers its technology components to broadcasters and developers on