Discover MARCONI and HRADIO at Radiodays Europe

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From the 31st of March till the 2ndof April, you will be able to find the projects MARCONI and HRADIO at Radiodays Europe in Lausanne. Radiodays Europe is born as a response to the needs of the European industry, public and private, to come together to discuss the new media challenges, across borders. It has since grown to become the most important annual conference for radio professionals. At the event, MARCON and HRADIO will have a joint booth at the exhibition and will also be presented during the conference.

MARCONI and HRADIO at the exhibition

Booth G4, Garden Level, that is the place to be at Radiodays Europe. At the HRADIO and MARCONI booth, visitors will be able to experience how MARCONI and HRADIO push radio forward, into a more interactive and hybrid world. MARCONI calls all radio stations to come and explore the different MARCONI components that support and increase listener interaction. You will be able to find out more on the MARCONI single service-driven platform, GDPR-compliant and with diverse microservices to stay at the heart of the audience, using AI-powered chatbots and content analysis (visual, social, text).

Similarly, HRADIO offers visitors the chance to explore different hybrid radio use cases on receiver implementations for car and mobile clients. By combining IP and broadcast signals, new radio experiences are offered such as station recommendation, time shifting and music substitution.

“Interactive Radio and better Online User Experiences” at the conference

At the conference, Floris Daelemans, radio presenter and producer for consortium partner VRT, will also give a presentation on HRADIO and MARCONI. This presentation will give an overview on the projects’ objectives, insights and results and will include different use cases. Looking forward to seeing you there!

AER Special Focus Workshop: Is Internet reinventing broadcast radio?

MARCONI and HRADIO will also be presented during a special focus workshop, hosted by AER on Sunday. Registrations are free and open until the day of the workshop itself. The AER Special Focus Workshop explores, in a series of three sessions, the most recent innovations driving the change in the radio industry: from the latest developments of hybrid technology for radio to 5G for broadcasting and how it works. This Special Focus Workshop is organised by the AER – the Association of European Radios within the framework of MediaRoad, the EU-funded project aimed at helping Europe’s media sector revamp the way it approaches innovation by shaping future research and policy priorities as well as by strengthening collaboration between media organizations and start-ups.

Register for the workshop here!