Use case #2: Enabling relevant feedback for the listeners

We're happy to introduce you to Lisa! Read here about a second use case that describes the value of MARCONI to its listeners by enabling feedback. MARCONI uses the insights of the chatbot to better respond to the questions and needs that live with the audience. Training of the chatbot improves the interaction with the listener.


Lisa is an enthusiastic follower of a specific radio show. The main digital platform she uses is Facebook. This makes Facebook Messenger her first choice to keep in touch with her favourite radio station. Lisa considers the radio station’s messenger account as a buddy that enriches her life.

Lisa is a big fan of De Dijk and she is constantly following them on tour. She participated in a radio contest last week in order to win tickets for their big show tomorrow. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the final. However, the radio stations’ bot remembers her interest in the band. While Lisa is still at work, she receives a message from the radio station. The message reads that the first 100 people who respond to the message with a unique and correct song title of the band are invited to an exclusive live set tonight, as a promotion for their show tomorrow. Lisa responds immediately and is just in time to secure the last duo ticket for tonight.

Winning the ticket made her day. Lisa feels like listening music during the last two office hours of the day. She opens her web browser and navigates to the station’s website. Because she logged in via Facebook the last time, a live stream based on her preferences starts playing right away. At 2:00PM, presenter Egdon begins his show and requests listeners to send in their favourite barbecue background music. Lisa navigates to the browser tab of the radio station and clicks on the "Submit BBQ song" button that just appeared to submit her favourite. She also adds a small comment with it. A couple of minutes later, she receives a message in Messenger from Gerard Ekdom. He likes her song and the story behind it, and asks if she’d be interested to tell about it on live radio. She agrees and a call is set up to tell her story.


Lisa is on her way to the radio event to watch the liveshow. While she’s in the car, she remembers a live performance of a song she heard in an evening show last week. She likes it a lot but sadly forgot the artist and title. When she arrives at the event site, she takes out her smartphone and opens Facebook Messenger. She starts a conversation with the radio station and types in: "What was the acoustic song that was performed live last week during the evening show?". She receives a prompt response with the question "Hi Lisa! Let me check that for you. Was it a male or female voice singing, or was there no singing altogether?". She answers "Definitely a male voice". The station’s bot responds "We found two possible matches. Ed Sheeran” performed "You need me man, I don’t need you" last Thursday and "Damien Rice" played "Volcano". Tap this message to get a preview of both performances and check whether the song you’re looking for is one of those". Lisa taps the message, listens to the first preview and finds out that this is the song she was looking for.


Later that week, Lisa is listening to an alternative radio show in the evening. She hears a band that she listened to when she was a teenager, i.e. Gggroup X, that is not played on the radio often. She opens the chatbot on the radio station’s website and types “Is there more information on Gggroup X?”. She gets the following response: “Thanks for your question. We did an interview with the lead singer a year ago. Listen to it here.” Lisa clicks the item and starts listening to the interview. During the interview, the lead singer also talks about another band that she remembers from her youth, K. After listening to this interview, she wants to know if there is also content about this other band K. She uses the chatbot and types “Is there also stuff about K?”. The chatbot responds: “I’ am sorry, but I haven’t found anything related to your subject! Would you like us to create a new topic about it? Lisa types “Yes”. The chatbot responds “Thank you for your feedback. Would you like to get informed when we have a radio item about K? Please log in to your MARCONI profile (e.g. using Facebook)”. The chatbot displays buttons on which Lisa can enter her choice. She clicks the MARCONI profile. Later on, editor Karla puts an item on band K on the agenda of the next music editorial meeting, which is planned for next week. Lisa is notified about this forthcoming item one day beforehand. Lisa is a happy listener as she feels taken seriously by her radio station.