Use case #5: Providing content on demand

It is time for our last use case! This story describes how MARCONI could enable content on demand by means of voice commands. 


Jill wakes up in the morning and would like to hear the latest new update on the radio. After activating the app, she asks Alexa to turn on the radio. Alexa responds with: “Hello! Welcome to the MARCONI App. Ask me who or what is currently playing on MARCONI radio, or ask me to tune in on a radio channel." A radio show starts to play.


On the way back in her car, in the afternoon, Jill would like to listen to a radio station with more alternative music. She opens the app in Alexa and requests to turn on a particular radio station, i.e. NPO 3FM. She hears quite a good song and asks "What’s the name of this song?". Her car answers: "This is "Scheef" from "Eefje de Visser"". Would you like to add this number to your music list? Jill answers "Yes" and Alexa adds the number to Jill’s personal music list. Jill now wants to switch to another radio station and asks Alexa to turn on NPO Radio 1. She would like to know which program is playing and asks "Which program am I listening to?". It turns out to be "De Nieuws BV" from broadcaster BNNVARA, presented by Willemijn Veenhoven and Patrick Lodiers.


Jill enjoys listening to "De Nieuws BV", but not right now. So she tells Alexa: "Please save this program to my "listen later list"". In order to listen to this list, Jill can ask Alexa to go to her "listen later list". It is possible for Jill to activate it from every device she is logged on to with her Amazon Alexa account.


Later that day, Jill is listening to a show on a different radio station. Every day, listeners are asked for their opinion on a certain statement. Today, the statement is: "Military service is good for youngsters and for society in general. Do you agree or not?". Jill missed the statement introduction at the beginning of the show and asks Alexa: "What is the statement of today?". While answering, Alexa also asks Jill: "Do you want to give your opinion on this matter?". Jill says "Yes" and Alexa asks if she agrees or disagrees with the poll. Jill agrees and Alexa sends her opinion to the show.


On Christmas Day, the Top 2000 is playing on NPO Radio 2. Jill asks Alexa to turn on Radio 2 with the Top 2000. She asks Alexa "who is the number one this year?". Alexa answers: "Its the same as last year: Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen". Then Jill asks: "Where are we in the list at the moment?" and Alexa answers "It’s number 471 that is playing right now". Jill also wants to know how often Adele is in the Top 2000. It turns out to be 6 times, with the highest rating on 27. Finally, she would like to know which DJ is presenting right now and Alexa answers: "Gijs Staverman". Jill says: "Please let Gijs know that I think this is a fantastic song" and Alexa sends the note to the studio. She asks: "Do you want to add this number to your personal music list?" and when Jill gives a positive answer, it’s added to her Spotify list.