MARCONI has been accepted to ICT 2018!

(Somewhat) breaking news! Our team has been notified that our application for ICT 2018  has been accepted. ICT, Imagine Digital - Connect Europe, is a research and innovation event by the European Commission that focuses on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. 

In December, we will launch our first large-scale pilot with the radio stations. In a live demo at the booth, we will showcase the driving technologies behind it: the apps for radio makers and listeners, that make use of AI-powered chatbots and content analysis (visual, social, text). We will also present the early prototypes that were already trialled by radio stations.

Visitors will be able to use the MARCONI mobile application and social media to interact with a live broadcast. You will also be able to test on-demand functionalities, such as access to the radio archive, by engaging with a chatbot or personalised streams. Others can take on the role of radio editors and manage the ongoing listener interaction. Experts from the consortium will provide guidance and will explain both technical and radio-related aspects.

Read more about the event on their website!