Apply now as an artist in residence with MARCONI!

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Are you an artist looking to collaborate with technology experts for your next project? Are you interested in exploring the future of radio? Until the 28th of November you can apply for a position as an artist in residence with the MARCONI project and receive a grant of up to 30 000€.

By collaborating with an artist, we aim to explore new forms of interaction and visual ways to support editorial teams with interaction. We encourage artists to consider addressing one or both of the concepts described below (i.e. chatbot concept for radio and lively environment for the radio editorial team). This does not exclude other applicants who are interested in exploring other aspects of the MARCONI platform and scenarios (as defined in deliverable D1.2, which can be downloaded from the project website).

The challenges have been defined based on two different concepts from the MARCONI scenarios:

  1. Radio chatbots

    Current chatbot technology uses mostly textual interaction with the user, based on the patterns known from instant messaging services. The challenge is to imagine what future and potential more natural bot interactions could look like, possibly integrating other types of media.

  2. Create a lively environment for the radio editorial team

    The radio editorial team is quite isolated from the events they are talking about, having text and voice messages and maybe a few images as their window to the outside world. In order to have a better understanding of what is happening at events, the challenge is to make the studio environment lively and visualize the topics the audience responds to, as well as their emotions.

Read more about the application process here (make sure you select "As an artist"):