Use case #4: Allowing personal services

Imagine having the benefits of linear radio feeds in combination with personalised information streams and music. Interested in hearing more? Then read here the 4th use case on how MARCONI allows personal services for radio.

Robin likes to listen to news and informational shows. She enjoys receiving a regular news update but finds it frustrating to hear the same news over and over again. She would love to listen to the latest updates and the topics she is interested in when she's able to give it her full attention, e.g. in the car. When Robin is in work modus, she wants to listen to music.


While looking for a solution, Robin encountered the new MARCONI app, in which all the public radio stations are easily accessible. She is curious and downloads the app. After opening the app,  Robin is able to choose between several radio stations. As she is fond of Radio 1, she clicks on the logo and enters the linear broadcast. On the screen, she receives information about the show that is currently playing, items (or songs) that are coming up, and any relevant news articles from the Radio 1 website. She is able to listen immediately or log in and add some preferences.


She starts to listen to the linear program. Just as a news update begins, she has to leave for work.  She clicks the button “save for later”.  She is given the option to create her own personalized stream, where daily relevant show sections are combined with a personal radio program for Robin. For now, she just wants to listen to the latest news update.


When she gets in the car, the app knows she has changed location because of the connection that her mobile phone makes with the car. The app asks if she wants to listen to the latest news update now. She is able to click and listen immediately, abort, or let the app start within 20 seconds automatically.

She listens to the news update.  Since she has added only one item in the personal radio program, the app switches to the linear broadcast from Radio 1 after the update is finished.

Unfortunately, a commercial break begins. But as she is looking on the screen, she finds another topic of interest about Sports. As Robin is a big skate fan and the Olympics are coming up, she is interested in what Sven Kramer (famous Dutch skater) has to say. She taps on "the Sports Program" and the fragment with Sven Kramer begins to play. As she is a first time user of the app, a playlist is generated with similar topics so Robin can stay tuned. Here, she also has the option to add and like show fragments in order to make the update more relevant. This playlist can be saved as well, so she can check back on the items she likes at any time.  


Robin keeps listening to Radio 1. When she is at work, she hears a news update dedicated to a Blue Blood Moon that will appear that night (as she already indicated she is interested in science in her preferences). Robin gets a notification 5 minutes earlier with the message that Radio 1 will elaborate about this phenomenon. She grabs her earbuds, searches the MARCONI app on her laptop and listens to the news update during her break from work.

After lunch, at 1:00PM, Robin opens the app on her mobile. The app asks her if she wants to listen to the latest news update now or later on. She taps "later", because she wants to relax a little. So she listens to the Radio 1 live broadcast and as soon as the news update starts, she gets music instead.

When she drives home at 6:00PM, she opens the app again and the latest news update starts immediately. She had a nice day because she was able to have Radio 1 as a companion to inform and relax her at the time she needed it.