Meet Cas Adriani from Pluxbox!

“I started my career by developing a single-source publishing system together with Dennis Laupman, which is how the company Pluxbox was born.” Meet Cas Adriani, Technical Director at Pluxbox and technical lead of the MARCONI integrated platform.

Use case #3: Co-creating content

Use case #3: Co-creating content

Interaction and community are key in the future of radio. But how are we able to collect, manage and use input from various interfaces in an efficient way? Enter the MARCONI platform. Have a look at this third use case and find out how radio presenter Jan and listener Bernd are able to co-create stories on the radio.

Meet Dennis Laupman from Pluxbox

Meet Dennis Laupman from Pluxbox

"I think we should teach radio to fall and get up again." Dennis Laupman, CCO at Pluxbox, says that radio needs to grow, in accordance with the changes in media consumption. Community is key and the MARCONI platform can deliver the added value.

"NotifyMe": a first use case

Gif Notify Me.gif

MARCONI got off with a flying start last year! “During “De Tijdloze”, a radio program by radio station Studio Brussel, a new interactive feature called “NotifyMe”, was tested. Listeners that voted for a song received a push notification when their song was being played. In order to make this happen, VRT Innovation worked together with Pluxbox, which provides VRT’s radio stations with the editorial system of Radiomanager.

By constanly monitoring the playlist, we were able to find out who voted for which song, 10 minutes before it was being played. Afterwards, a push message was sent via the app of Studio Brussel. This way, listeners would not have to miss out on anything and were automatically reminded of when their favorite song was being played.

In total, we sent out 3967 messages to 2354 people.

Some interactions (in Dutch):